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Audiophile ingredients.

The Econik SEVEN uses the same exquisite SEAS drivers that deliver audiophile excellence in the Econik SIX and brings this quality to the role of center speaker. This special chassis selection ensures a sound reproduction that is optimized in its clarity and detail for the central elements of a home cinema - dialogues and direct sound effects. The focus on high-quality mid-range reproduction creates a balanced sound experience that brings out every nuance of voices and central sound effects with precision.

24 - 30.000 Hz (+/- 3dB)

SEAS Excel & Prestige


The Econik SEVEN integrates the exquisite EXCEL series tweeter from SEAS, synonymous with high-end audio enjoyment. This tweeter is characterized by a precision-engineered dome tweeter and a wide-range SONOMEX surround, ensuring exceptional fidelity and consistency. The detailed reproduction and naturalness of the sound, even in large rooms, are achieved by the careful construction of the dome and surround.

A low-viscosity magnetic fluid enables optimum cooling and contributes to a significantly low resonance frequency. A solid metal front plate, complemented by a finely tuned waveguide, promotes a smooth frequency response and a resonance-free connection. The sophisticated rear chamber effectively suppresses unwanted resonances and reflections, making the tweeter ideal for precise and clear high-frequency reproduction. The musical detail and brilliance of this tweeter meets the highest hi-fi demands.

Woofer & Mid/Woofer

The two 6.5-inch drivers of the Econik SEVEN, from the prestigious SEAS Prestige series, offer powerful and authentic sound reproduction. Their long excursion design enables an impressive filling of the room with detailed and natural sound. The active control of the drivers ensures lively and precise bass reproduction.

The cones are made from an innovative blend of reed and paper pulp for a balanced sound that impresses with its warmth and naturalness. The highly developed, lightweight magnet system made of copper-coated aluminum improves transient and impulse response so that every musical nuance is reproduced with precise dynamics. The carefully designed metal basket minimizes sound reflections and airflow noise, supports precise component alignment and reduces cavity resonance.

The Econik SEVEN promises a captivating musical performance with a sound image that impresses with its attention to detail and liveliness, guaranteeing an unforgettable listening experience.

Perfect harmony in every note, achieved through seamless integration of all audio components - from the preamp to the DAC to the power amplifier. With us, all critical elements of the audio chain come from a single source, guaranteeing exceptional tuning that is often difficult to achieve in conventional systems.

Perfection down to the last detail

The Econik active loudspeakers embody the ideal of a fully integrated audio chain. At the heart of this innovation lies the realization that the quality of the musical experience depends not only on the speaker drivers, but on the synergy of all the components through which the music signal flows. By internally harmonizing the preamplifier, digital-to-analog converter (DAC), power amplifier and even the interconnect cables, we eliminate any discrepancies that can normally occur when assembling separate components from different manufacturers.

Unsurpassed sound quality

This integrated design allows us to precisely match each element to the other, ensuring optimal signal transmission from input to output. The result is unparalleled clarity, detail and dynamic precision that brings out the true character of your music. The integrated components of our active speakers have been specifically designed to deliver a pure, unadulterated music signal to the drivers, resulting in a reproduction that is every bit the equal of the original sound.

Advantages of integration

  • Coherence: Complete control over every stage of signal processing means that the music is reproduced exactly as it should sound - without compromise.
  • Efficiency: By eliminating external cabling and optimizing the internal signal paths, we reduce signal loss and interference to an absolute minimum.
  • Adaptability: The integration allows us to seamlessly implement advanced technologies such as DSP-based sound adjustments and dynamic bass adjustment to further personalize the listening experience.

Wireless connection.


Discover the revolutionary flexibility of wireless sound with the Econik SEVEN speaker. With advanced WiSA technology, this speaker can be wirelessly paired with a WiSA transmitter for a seamless 2.0 to 7.1 surround setup. Experience high-resolution audio in premium quality with 24-bit and a 96 kHz sampling rate, delivered directly to you with no loss of quality thanks to digital transmission. Freeing you from the constraints of speaker cables offers unprecedented flexibility when configuring your sound system.



WiSA (Wireless Speaker and Audio Association) technology is at the forefront of the audiophile revolution, taking wireless high-resolution audio transmission to a new level. With the ability to support surround systems up to 7.1 configurations, including immersive 3D sound, WiSA opens up new dimensions of the listening experience. The special feature of WiSA is its manufacturer-independence, which enables devices from different brands to be seamlessly connected to each other. This interoperability ensures flexible system configuration and expansion, according to the user's individual preferences and requirements.

Flexibility in placement

WiSA's wireless transmission technology offers unprecedented freedom of speaker placement. Without the constraints of cables to run and hide, Econik speakers can be positioned anywhere in the room to create the best possible listening experience. This flexibility makes it easy to integrate the speakers into any room concept and décor, so you can design your music system or home theater exactly the way you want it.

Future-proof technology

WiSA is setting itself apart as a future-proof technology through its ongoing development and improvement of transmission standards. Owners of Econik loudspeakers can rest assured that their systems will continue to meet the highest audiophile standards. Continued innovation in wireless audio transmission promises long-term compatibility and performance that meets the needs of modern audiophiles.

Wireless signal transmission in high-resolution quality using WiSA technology is at the heart of the Econik speaker series and sets new standards in the audio industry. This advanced technology makes it possible to overcome the traditional challenges and limitations associated with conventional cabling. The benefits of this wireless transmission method are significant and manifold, especially when compared to the resistance and potential signal loss that can occur with long cable runs.

Highest signal purity and integrity

One of the key benefits of WiSA technology is the ability to transmit audio signals at 24-bit resolution and 96 kHz sampling rate, ensuring unsurpassed sound quality. Unlike traditional wired systems, where signal quality can be affected by resistance in the cables, wireless transmission ensures pure and unadulterated reproduction that is every bit as good as the original.

Minimization of internal signal paths

The Econik speakers feature internally minimally short speaker cables to minimize any losses and maximize efficiency. This internal design decision, combined with wireless transmission, ensures that the audio signal is routed directly to the speaker drivers with minimal degradation. The result is exceptional fidelity and dynamics that are difficult to achieve in traditional systems.

Digital precision.

At the heart of each Econik SEVEN loudspeaker, an individual 150W power amplifier per driver ensures an impressive total output of 450W. The precisely tuned digital crossover, refined with IIR and FIR filters, ensures perfect interaction between the tweeter, midrange and bass drivers, creating a harmonious and detailed soundstage at the center of your home cinema. This meticulous setup makes the Econik SEVEN the preferred choice for use as a center speaker in surround systems, where it shines with exceptional clarity and precision in vocal reproduction. An advanced dual DAC system from Cirrus Logic guarantees optimum signal processing. The continuous adjustment of each driver ensures consistently clear and dynamic audio transmission, filling the center of your multi-channel system with vibrant and undistorted sound.

Fully active speaker technology is at the forefront of audio innovation, and at the heart of these revolutionary systems are our uniquely designed models that deliver unrivaled precision and performance. Not only is each driver individually driven by its own power amplifier, but each of these amplifiers has an impressive rated output of 150 watts and a peak output of up to 330 watts. This means that each speaker has 450 watts of continuous power and 990 watts of peak power at its disposal. These figures are not just numbers; they are the foundation for audiophile sound reproduction that brings every detail and nuance of the music to life with breathtaking clarity and dynamics.

The power behind the sound

In a fully active speaker system, dedicated amplification for each driver allows for tailored and optimized performance specific to the requirements of each driver. This individual drive provides precise control over the entire frequency range, from the lowest bass to the highest treble, and allows for flawless reproduction unmatched by conventional designs. This circuit concept corresponds not only to bi-amping but even to tri-amping in classic passive systems.

The availability of 150 watts of rated power per power amplifier guarantees that each chassis receives the power required to reproduce even the most demanding musical passages with ease and precision. At dynamic peaks, the impressive peak power of 330 watts enables exceptional fidelity without any distortion, even at the highest volumes. This power potential is crucial for capturing the full dynamics of the music and delivering a deep, emotional listening experience.

At the heart of the outstanding sound experience offered by the active speakers lies an advanced technology that goes far beyond traditional audio concepts: the digital crossover. This innovative component is at the heart of our speakers and is responsible for the exceptional clarity and precision they deliver. By using specialized digital filters, in particular Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filters, the digital crossover achieves a level of detail and sound quality that previously seemed unattainable.

Precise frequency separation and optimum driver control

The digital crossover separates the incoming audio signal into different frequency bands, each optimized to drive specific drivers - such as woofers, midrange drivers and tweeters. This separation allows each driver to reproduce only the frequencies for which it was designed, resulting in a significant reduction in distortion and an improvement in overall sound quality.

Thanks to digital processing, we can achieve a precision in frequency separation that is not possible in analog systems. The digital crossover allows extremely fine and precise adjustment of the filter characteristics, so that the transitions between the drivers are seamless and without audible discontinuities. This results in a perfect balance between the drivers, reproducing every element of the audio spectrum with optimum efficiency and coherence.

The soul of active loudspeakers: the digital crossover in practice

A key element of the digital crossover is its ability to control the time delay between the drivers to within a fraction of a millisecond. This precise timing ensures that the sound waves from each driver reach the listener in sync, which is essential for maintaining phase coherence and creating a spatially precise and three-dimensional sound image.

The digital crossover is therefore more than just a technical component; it is the soul of the active loudspeakers, opening up a new dimension of sound fidelity. With its help, we achieve a sound reproduction that sets new standards in terms of both precision and naturalness.

Phase coherence is a key element in audio technology that significantly influences the quality of the sound image. Due to their design, passive loudspeaker systems are often confronted with phase problems, especially in the critical crossover frequency ranges where different drivers meet. These challenges result from the physical properties of the crossover components, which not only affect the signal but can also cause undesirable delays and phase shifts.

Overcoming phase problems through advanced digital signal processing

In the Econik active loudspeakers, we have mastered these challenges by using advanced digital signal processing. Our specialized digital crossovers enable accurate phase control far beyond the capabilities of passive systems. Using precise digital algorithms, we can ensure that the phases of the sound waves from each driver - be it the tweeter, midrange or woofer - are perfectly aligned.

This precise phase tuning is crucial because it allows the sound waves to combine into a harmonious whole instead of canceling each other out or interfering with each other. Phase coherence is particularly important at crossover frequencies, where the acoustic contributions from the different drivers should blend seamlessly. With passive loudspeakers, poor phase coherence can lead to an unclear sound image, as sounds no longer reach the listener at the same time. This can affect the soundstage and localization of sound sources and ultimately reduce the overall listening experience.

The importance of precise phase tuning for a harmonious and detailed sound image

The Econik active speakers, on the other hand, use digital precision to overcome the phase problems. The result is a coherent and integrated sound image that is as detailed and lifelike as if you were sitting right in the front row of a concert. With our technology, every musical detail is reproduced with extreme precision and without time delay, an unrivaled luxury in passive technology. Phase coherence is therefore not just a technical specification, but the key to a natural, immersive and emotionally moving listening experience.

There are essentially two different approaches or philosophies for passive loudspeaker systems:

  1. The first variant involves the use of many components in order to achieve a uniform frequency response. However, this complexity inevitably leads to undesirable side effects. Phase shifts and delays in the sound definitely occur, making the music seem unnatural and impairing playback.

  2. Alternatively, a reduced number of components can be used in the signal path to minimize interference. However, this simplification inevitably leads to an uneven sound, as not all frequencies are reproduced equally loudly by the drivers.

Our innovative technology goes beyond these traditional approaches. With our digital crossover, we not only achieve an even more linear frequency response compared to passive systems, but also completely eliminate interfering analog components in the signal path. The result is a clear, precise and natural sound that combines the best of both worlds and takes the listening experience to a new level.

In detail.

Optimize sound.

Sound presets

Discover outstanding voice intelligibility with the Econik SEVEN, perfected by specially developed sound presets. These are specifically designed for the clear and natural reproduction of dialog in the center of a multi-channel system. The tailor-made settings optimize the acoustic performance specifically for speech clarity in order to transmit every word clearly, even in dynamic film scenes or detailed musical passages. With a choice of presets, you can customize the sound experience to suit your preferences and enjoy unsurpassed clarity, making the Econik SEVEN the centerpiece of your audio setup.

At Econik Speakers, we pride ourselves on offering you acoustic precision that has been developed to perfection in our laboratories. But we know that the room you place your speakers in has its own personality that can affect the sound. To ensure you can experience the sound we've designed in any environment, we've introduced Sound Presets - your solution for a consistent sound signature no matter where you listen.

Simplicity and efficiency through technology

We bring the developer's expertise to your home. With a USB stick and a few simple steps, you can update your speaker's crossover - no tools, no risk and no waiting time. This process allows you to adjust the sound signature of your speaker at the touch of a button. Close to the wall, a reverberant room or a complex home theater setup - there is a suitable sound preset for every situation.

Comparison with the expansion of the crossover for passive loudspeakers

Imagine if you had to open up your passive speaker, remove the crossover, take it to a developer to reconfigure it and then reinstall it. This would be a complex and expensive process that requires expertise and risks damaging the delicate hardware.

With Econik's sound presets, this process is now as easy as downloading a file. Our presets are the result of intensive research and fine-tuning, bringing every component of the speaker - from the tweeter to the woofer - into a new, optimized configuration. It's a complete redesign of the internal crossover, tailor-made for specific acoustic environments.

A new age of sound customization

Downloading and applying a sound preset is a transformative experience. You'll experience how the acoustic landscape of your room changes, how the soundstage opens up and how every note comes to life with the clarity and intensity our developers intended.

  1. Connect a USB stick (FAT32) to your computer.

  2. Download the desired sound preset and copy it to the USB stick.

    Note: The file must not be renamed, otherwise it cannot be recognized correctly by the speaker. Make sure that there is only one sound preset on the USB stick.

  3. Switch off the speaker and insert the USB stick into the USB port on the back of the speaker.

  4. Switch on the speaker while the USB stick is connected. The LEDs on the back of the speaker make a rapid circular movement. The sound preset has now been successfully installed and the USB stick can be removed.

    Note: If the LEDs are constantly rotating in a circle, the file cannot be read and installed correctly.

Dynamic bass adjustment

With the Econik SEVEN, experience a revolutionary, volume-dependent bass adjustment that takes your listening experience to a new level. Our advanced system analyzes real-time volume and frequency data to ensure precise sound correction. This intelligent adjustment addresses the phenomenon that low frequencies are perceived less intensely at lower volumes, often resulting in a flat, lackluster bass. With dynamic bass correction, the Econik SEVEN guarantees a rich, impressive sound even at low volumes. This technology automatically adjusts to the volume level to give you the perfect sound experience every time, based on the latest acoustic research and the international ISO 226:2003 standard for the highest sound quality.

Our values.

Made in Germany

Our Econik speakers are developed entirely in Germany and manufactured in our own factory. We attach great importance to working with as many suppliers from Germany or Europe as possible to ensure high product quality and short transportation routes. This approach enables us to offer you, the customer, a high-quality speaker that is equipped with numerous regionally sourced components. The "Made in Germany" label not only supports jobs in Germany, but also ensures compliance with environmental and labor guidelines.



Our Econik speakers are developed entirely in Germany and manufactured in our own factory. We attach great importance to working with as many suppliers from Germany or Europe as possible to ensure high product quality and short transportation routes. This approach enables us to offer you, the customer, a high-quality speaker that is equipped with numerous regionally sourced components. The "Made in Germany" label not only supports jobs in Germany, but also ensures compliance with environmental and labor guidelines.


Choose your Design.

Want another colour?




Wild apple

Add preamp.

Stereo Hub and Surround Hub offer two options for sound correction: an automatic calibration system and manual EQ settings. These functions can be used independently or in combination to achieve customized sound optimization.

Automatic calibration for the perfect bass

The calibration system uses advanced algorithms to automatically analyze and adjust the bass range of your room. Targeted correction below 500 Hz makes the bass more precise, controlled and free from unwanted resonances or overemphasis that can be caused by room acoustics. The result is a clean, tight bass that forms the basis for a clear and detailed overall presentation. This selective calibration process ensures that the room acoustics are corrected precisely where it is needed most, without compromising the sound quality in the mid and high frequencies. As a result, headroom is maintained and dynamics are not restricted, which is particularly important at higher frequencies.

Manual EQ settings for individual preferences

With the manual EQ settings, you have the option of completely customizing the sound. With a selection of parametric, low-pass, high-pass, high-shelf and low-shelf filters, you can target specific frequency ranges. These settings allow you to change the sound character of your loudspeaker and tailor it perfectly to your listening habits.

Three memory locations for individual manual settings

To increase flexibility even further, you can save up to three different EQ configurations in presets. This allows you to quickly and easily switch between different sound profiles, depending on what you are listening to or what mood you want to create. Whether for an intimate jazz concert, a dynamic movie scene or relaxed background music - with the storable EQ presets you can adjust the sound in no time at all.

Sketch & data.

200 x 550 x 250 mm (H x W x D) | 13.4 kg | 19 mm MDF


Speaker type: 2,5 / 3 way active speaker
Amplification: 3 x 150W Class-D (per speaker)
Tweeter: 1 x 25 mm SEAS Excel dome tweeter with ferrofluid cooling, double magnet system for better voice coil control, SONOMEX surround by SEAS for maximum consistency, solid injection-moulded chamber with complex internal shape against resonances and reflections.
Mid/bass driver: 2 x 165 mm SEAS Prestige woofer and midrange driver, edge-coated reed/paper pulp cone for a harmonious, extended frequency response, powerful magnet system with a long, light voice coil made of copper-coated aluminum for optimal transient response, extremely rigid and stable injection-molded metal basket for perfect alignment.
Frequency response (+/- 1,5dB): 24 - 30.000 Hz (Sound preset: Standard)
Crossover: 200 Hz / 2000 Hz (Sound preset: Standard)
DSP: Quad core processor
DAC: Dual CS4398
Wireless: WiSA 24 bit / 96 kHz lossless
Connections: Balanced / unbalanced XLR
Cover: magnetic
Power supply: 230 V AC
Dimensions (W x H x D): 550 x 200 x 250 mm
Weight: 13,4 kg
Finish: White matt, Black matt, Oak veneer, Walnut veneer, Wild apple veneer
Warranty: Speakers: 5 years (10 years upon registration); Amplifier module: 2 years (5 years upon registration)
Place of production: Germany
Quantity: 1 piece
Break-in time: 50 - 100 hours

Product overview