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App control for the Surround Hub X now possible!

2024-01-30 15:52:00 / News
App control for the Surround Hub X now possible! - App control for the Surround Hub X now possible!

Good news for all owners of the Surround Hub X: it can now be controlled via an app! The latest update opens up a wide range of new functions and customization options. You can now configure your surround setup conveniently via the app, carry out automatic calibration or adjust manual equalizer settings. To use these functions, simply update your Surround Hub to version 6.20. The update takes place automatically as soon as your Surround Hub is connected to the internet.

The Surround Hub X can now be controlled and adjusted using the same app that is already used for the Stereo Hub - regardless of whether it is the Buchardt or Econik app. Currently, this function is only integrated in the iOS versions of the apps.

We apologize for the long wait for the app and thank you for your patience. During development, we were dependent on external partners who were unfortunately unable to meet the communicated deadlines. We are very much looking forward to your opinions and feedback on the new app and are working hard to release the Android version as soon as possible.

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